July 13-14, 8pm-12am, Cash Bar

$10 per card, valid for all games, all night


During the summer of 2011 Current Space presented CART, an exhibition that transformed part of the gallery space into a fully-functioning mini-market which featured affordably-priced works of art made by fine artists from all around the world. BINGO serves as an extension of the philosophy behind CART, namely that art is an essential part of everyday life and that all people, regardless of income or social status, should be able to afford to purchase fine art.

For BINGO, Current Space will be transformed into a post-modern bingo hall. We will screen print limited edition bingo cards, which will be designed by different artists, and everyone who attends the exhibition and pays the entry fee will receive the bingo card design of their choice. Bingo will be played, of course, so additional cards (i.e. artwork) may be purchased to increase one's chances of winning. Prizes will consist of freebies from local businesses and musicians. Like the bingo that our grandparents play, BINGO will include a caller, prizes, and time to socialize, but unlike our elders' bingo, ours will include music, sound effects, and strobe lights.

Jordan Bernier
John Bohl
James Bouché
Monique Crabb
Nate Cubeta
Laure Drogoul
Eamon Espey
Skye Gilkerson
Marian Glebes
Mitchell Goodrich
Julianne Hamilton
Josh Van Horne
Lou Joseph
Gary Kachadourian
Sarah Konigsburg
Lisa Krause
Dina Kelberman
Andrew Liang
Skye McNeill
Miranda Pfeiffer
Annie Rochelle
Nicole Rodrigues
Jasmine Sarp
Fred Scharmen
David Ubias

Jeff Mc Grath

Sound FX:
Martin Kasey
Stephen Santillan

Production Team:
Annie Rochelle
Kat Kinnick
Grace Davis
James Bouché
Julianne Hamilton
Mariam Cooper
Sarah Dittrich
Devin Martin
Kim Te
Bao Nguyen
Flannery Silva
Monique Crabb

Project Director
Michael Benevento
Andrew Liang

Prizes Provided by:
Milk & Honey Bistro Inc
Gregs Bagels
On the Hill Café
Artist and Craftsman
MICA bookstore
Charles Theater
Maryland Film Festival
Zhongshan Restaurant
Trinacria Foods
Golden West Café
The Helmand
The Land of Kush
Two Boots Pizza
Akbar Restaurant
Daniela's Pasta & Pastries
Dr. George Shepley
Wham City
Future Islands
Thank You
Double Dagger
Liam Flynn's Ale House
Mt. Royal Tavern
Windup Space
The Brewer’s Art
Rocket to Venus
True Vine
Normal’s Books and Records
Gallery Four
Open Space
5th Dimension
Belle Foundry
Sophia Jacob
Chris Day
Molly Colleen O'Connell
Noel Freibert
Eamon Espey's Wormdye
and more

Special Thanks to:
Mike Shecter + Marian Glebes
Fluid Movement