August 4-19

Opening Reception August 4, 7-10pm

Closing Reception August 17, 7-10pm


The work in this show addresses the cycles and dead ends of history, exploring cultural redundancy, political shame, apocalypse predictions and conspiracy theories. To this end, Rice and Joseph use reenactments, cover songs, footage of dangerous pursuits, and catalogs of the initially meaningless, but ultimately important.

Mark Rice's homemade games employ elements of intentional repetition, loss, and optimistic redundancy. In these videos advertising lures viewers and promotes the games, but the works are also wrung though alternative theories of living and changed by the repeated process of telling and retelling.

Lou Joseph uses a variety of processes to reproduce online images of fracking sites, contrails and fortune-tellers of doom. Signs of decline are presented in a frank, non-narrative, non-persuasive fashion, leaving open the question of mass response or (lack of response) to events that expand beyond the control of their witnesses.

This show presents equipment from Mark’s “Spray the Hooray” games, as well as video documents of the games in play. Lou shows three new series of drawings, paintings and prints. A collection of projects that the artists have collaborated on over the last ten years is also included.


Mark Rice was born in Carbondale, Illinois. He grew up in central Indiana and then moved to Bloomington, Indiana earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts in printmaking. After graduation, Mark Rice became the team leader of his own homegrown multinational corporation, Goatmother Industrial. Working under different smaller companies and pseudonyms within this conglomerate, Mark has worked in a variety of mediums and techniques from drawing and prints to performance, music and video.

Mark attended the Rhode Island School of Design and graduated in 2011 with a Master Degree in printmaking. While at RISD, he focused on the role of narrative in his work by means of interactive installation, music, and painting as well as the documentation of this work through such classical reproductive methods as copper and wood engraving.

Mark has spent the last year in Spartanburg, South Carolina as an artist-in-residence at Hub-Bub, an art gallery and performance venue. He is currently adjunct faculty at University of South Carolina Upstate.


“Aire Gordins are personalized lift shoes. They were created to achieve the height of 6’ 6” made popular by the famous basketball player, Michael Jordan. This prototype was designed for myself, but different heights are already in production. An adjustable model could be created to accommodate the vertical difference that anyone may need to close the gap on this highly desired height.”

Mark Rice, CEO of Goatmother Industrial


Lou Joseph is an artist working in Baltimore, Maryland since 2008. A 2004 MFA graduate of Indiana University, Lou has been a resident artist in Venice, Rotterdam and Antwerp, and has shown work nationally and internationally. Lou is the founder and director of the Institute of Contemporary Art, Baltimore, a roving museum that focuses on staging artist-directed retrospectives with Mid-Atlantic artists, as well as other solo projects by national and international artists. He currently works at Maryland Institute College of Art as the Senior Preparator in the Exhibitions Department.