.::Miranda Pfeiffer (detail)


You Got the Goods!
curated by Maude Kasperzak
June 8-10

Lecture by Janice Campbell and Dr Greenstein June 9, 4pm


In honor of Brain Awareness, the George Greenstein Institute along with Current Space present "You Got the Goods!"- an exhibit exploring artists' interpretation of the heart/brain connection.

Featuring works by:

- Janice Campbell
- Ashley Corbin
- Daniel Conrad
- Melissa Gross
- Irene Donnelly
- Devin Mack
- Rachael London
- Paige Peterson
- Miranda Pfeiffer
- Kat Schneider
- Betty Roytburd
- Grant Whipple

> On Saturday at 4pm, Janice Campbell, licensed acupuncturist and owner of Ancient Arts Wellness, will be presenting a short lecture on Chinese Medicine's understanding of the relationship between the Heart & the Brain/Mind and how it applies to us in daily life (Q & A after)

> After the lecture, Dr. Greenstein will guide us through a meditative practice grounded on 2,000 years of monastic study and transmission, now researched and validated in neuroscience labs across the US, from Stanford's Center for Altruism and Compassion and UCLA's MARC (Mindful Awareness Research Center) to Richard Davidson's Center for Investigating Healthy Minds.

Discover Your Vagus Nerve! Clear the Doorway to Lucid Perception! Enjoy the networked benefits of Easy Stress Reduction by connecting heart to brain!

Curated by Maude Kasperzak who is currently working along side GGI as an intern. She is a painter and 3D animator who lives and works in Baltimore.

GGI is a 501c3 think tank that delivers truly applied neuroscience into the hands of learners and leaders in education, allied health, media and the arts. We advocate for whole brain, art and science curriculum design and embodied learning.

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Grant Whipple